The messaging in professional sports (and society) is clear- get your booster to so you don’t get Omicron. The odd thing however, is that vaccinated people seem to be getting Omicron at a higher rate than the rest of the population. What’s even crazier is the lack of vigor this variant seems to have. Cough and runny noses aren’t killing folks this go round. Yet, one can find ridiculous headlines furthering fear mongering everyday. The University of Michigan football team is a prime example:

Thankfully our longtime champion Senator Joe Manchin dealt the Build Back Better bill a death blow as it stands. But there’s alot more behind the scenes that most Americans probably haven’t even considered. Chisum gives us his take on our apparently by design fall guy from West Virginia.

As most of you know, providing natural protein for their families is a major part of the guys lives and passing that tradition on to their children is equally as important. Last week, Cable and his son Henry were able to share in a very special moment when Henry took his first buck at Chisum’s ranch.,NFL%20Network’s%20Tom%20Pelissero%20reported.—-again/article_0dcc73ce-4a00-5067-a8af-c3af771356df.html,past%20summer%20in%20Jackson%20County.