Episode 51: Covid Vaccines for 5-11 Year Olds? Colleges Propose Eliminating Standardized Testing in the Name of Equity, Today’s Entitled Youth Set Up For Failure, & Chisum’s Theory on Virginia 9th Grader Raped by Trans Girl in School Bathroom

If you thought we're living in dark times, you probably [...]

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Episode 50: Biden Weaponizes DOJ Against Frustrated Parents, Kamala’s Ridiculous Space Farce, And Cable Wonder’s Why Does the Left Want to Transgender Our Youth?

Biden's heavy handedness can be a talking point on every [...]

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Episode 49: Facebook Lays the Perfect Trap, Reporter Accidently Gives Conservatives New Rallying Slogan, More Celebs Are Standing Up Against Censorship and the Guys Muse on Why Their Wives Don’t Care About Politics

Facebook Whisteblower Frances Haugen intentions must be examined closely,  the [...]

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Episode 48: California Schools Will Keep Teen Abortions Hidden From Parents, NBA Superstars Speak Out On Vaccines, Stephen Colbert is A Cuck For Big Pharma, Biden’s Booster Charade and Cable Liking Bill Maher More Every Week

The boys are all over the road this week as [...]

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Episode 47: The Biggest Political Scandal of Our Lifetimes Starts to Unfold, Border Patrol Does Their Job While Kamala Refuses to Do Hers & Prominent Lesbians Fight for Abortion Rights?

Michael Sussmann, a 57-year-old cybersecurity lawyer who had worked for [...]

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Episode 45: The Essence of Prayer, Australia a Warning To America & the Guys React to Bill Maher’s Roundtable on Critical Race Theory

Cable and Chisum reflect on what it means to really [...]

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Episode 42: Evolution and Ethics of Drone Strikes and The United States Military Industrial Complex Mirrors a Song Stuck on Repeat

Chisum brings some interesting thoughts to the table this week [...]

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