Episode 91: “It’s All Just Gross”, Fauci Loves Him Some Fauci, Pedophiles are Simply Misunderstood & Your Kids Are Fat Due to… Climate Change?

Chisum summed it up best at the end of Episode [...]

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Episode 90: Nooners Are Back! Biden Weaponizes FBI…But Why? Military Ops In Downtown San Antonio & Inflation Reduction Our Asses

The boys try to make sense of the FBI raid [...]

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Episode 88: Don’t Get Caught Napping, Climate Change Fear Mongering, Eating Protein Makes Your Pee Environmentally Toxic & Soros Gets $172 Million From Biden To Prevent Illegals From Being Deported

Much to discuss on Episode 88! Starting with Chisum finally [...]

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Episode 87: One Nation Under God No More, New Atheist Agenda At Work Plus A Tennessee Judge Strikes Blow To Biden’s Transgender Indoctrination Plan, China Warns U.S. to Stay Away from Taiwan & Politicians Continue to Line Pockets Via Insider Trading

Episode 87 sheds light on the reality that our elected [...]

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Episode 86: U.S. Won’t Let the Joker In, Hunter Biden Coasting Down a One Way Street & What’s the Left’s Plan With The Influx of Illegals?

So many juicy topics to unpack on Episode 86 as [...]

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Episode 85: River Shenanigans, Dutch Farmers Revolt Against Elites, Adios Georgia Guidestones and New York Reacts With Even More Gun Laws

This one was like the wild west with Chisum posting [...]

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Episode 84: The (New)Liberal World Order, AOC Condemns Fellow Dems, Made Up First World Problems & A Little Value for Value

Lots to get into on this one as the world [...]

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Episode 81:”What is A Woman?” Review, Biden Uses Transgender Indoctrination to Take Lunches From Children and A Cat Uses All 9 Lives

If you haven't watched Matt Walsh's new documentary What is [...]

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