Episode 116: Paid Menstrual Leave, How to Get Away With Uncle Tom Haymakers and Gay Chauvinist In Hot Water With The Ladies

No shortage of discussion points for episode 116! The boys [...]

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Episode 113: Blanketed By Ice, Iranian Smugglers Arming Yemen, Steph Curry Axes The Poor, & Let’s Bring Back The Dodo Bird

The Lone Star State's crazy winter weather left Chisum void [...]

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Episode 112: The Elites Are Saying It Out Loud, But Is Anyone Listening? Get Ready for ‘Stroke Season’, FBI Working w/ ‘Private Sector’, & Free WIFI For Everyone!!!

Our heads are spinning after the recent World Economic Forum [...]

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Episode 111: Lean on the Man Upstairs, Tampons In Boys Bathrooms, Fantasy Death Leagues, House Dems Reach New Low, Biden’s Garage & Take That Jesus Shirt Off & Put On Your Gay Sweater

This one's a doozy! Cable left for Mexico for a [...]

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Episode 110: How Do You Like Your Tesla Now? Artificial Sweeteners Running Cover for Covid Shots & Who Is Trying To Sabotage Jerry Jones?

One thing we've learned over the past few years is [...]

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