Episode 116: Paid Menstrual Leave, How the Left Gets Away With Uncle Tom Haymakers and Gay Chauvinist In Hot Water With The Ladies

No shortage of discussion points for episode 116! The boys [...]

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Episode 113: Blanketed By Ice, Iranian Smugglers Arming Yemen, Steph Curry Axes The Poor, & Let’s Bring Back The Dodo Bird

The Lone Star State's crazy winter weather left Chisum void [...]

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Episode 112: The Elites Are Saying It Out Loud, But Is Anyone Listening? Get Ready for ‘Stroke Season’, FBI Working w/ ‘Private Sector’, & Free WIFI For Everyone!!!

Our heads are spinning after the recent World Economic Forum [...]

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Episode 111: Lean on the Man Upstairs, Tampons In Boys Bathrooms, Fantasy Death Leagues, House Dems Reach New Low, Biden’s Garage & Take That Jesus Shirt Off & Put On Your Gay Sweater

This one's a doozy! Cable left for Mexico for a [...]

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Episode 110: How Do You Like Your Tesla Now? Artificial Sweeteners Running Cover for Covid Shots & Who Is Trying To Sabotage Jerry Jones?

One thing we've learned over the past few years is [...]

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Episode 109: Resolutions, Classic Leftist Tricks, GOP Speaker of House Update and A Few Tales From Hunting Camp

Episode 109 is highlighted by the following discussion points. Thanks [...]

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Episode 108: Butt Babies, Elon’s Ark, Physicians Silenced and New $1.7 Trillion Spending Package Passed By RHINO Cucks

Maybe 2023 will be better...probably not though. Seems like it's [...]

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