Episode 67: What in the Woke World? AOC Flies of the Rails, Transgender Swimmer Possible Death Knell For Men Competing As Women, New York Times Points Out Blatant CDC Lies & Agents Tell NFL To Get Bent With Combine Bubble

So much to get into and we won't even have [...]

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Episode 66: Trudeau Goes Full Fascist & Spygate…Does Anyone Care About the Biggest Political Scandal of the Past 50 Years?

The boys examine the Canadian governmental process as Trudeau goes [...]

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Episode 64: They Aren’t Your Kids, Trucking for Freedom, Pfizer Hoping to Vaccinate 5 and Under & The Beginning of Podcast Censorship?

This one is a doozy. So much to get into [...]

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Episode 63: ‘Stupid Son of A Bitch’, Parenting Musings, Austria Revisits 1938 While the Great Britain Abolishes Mandates and Much More

The Left is the gift that keeps on giving when [...]

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Episode 62: The Narrative Continues to Unravel, Biden and Harris Audio Gold, “Clowning” Around With Pronouns and Chisum Brings a Frightening Idea To The Table

God Bless 'em, at this point it's unclear whether President [...]

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