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Episode 95: Martha’s Vineyard Doesn’t Want Illegals Afterall, New Harvard Study Sinks Booster Narrative and CHAOS is Illinois’ Soup De Jour

Lots of fun in this one. Leave us a review [...]

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Episode 94: The Boys Celebrate Their Youtube Censorship, Kamala Doubles Down on Secure Border, Jill Biden Double Speak & Gays Against Groomers

Sorry we took a week off last week. Our real [...]

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Episode 91: “It’s All Just Gross”, Fauci Loves Him Some Fauci, Pedophiles are Simply Misunderstood & Your Kids Are Fat Due to… Climate Change?

Chisum summed it up best at the end of Episode [...]

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Episode 90: Nooners Are Back! Biden Weaponizes FBI…But Why? Military Ops In Downtown San Antonio & Inflation Reduction Our Asses

The boys try to make sense of the FBI raid [...]

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