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Episode 56: Thanksgiving Hunting Recaps, Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Goes Dark to the Public, Whoopi Claims Being A Woman Means You “Know What a Fetus Wants” and a LeKaren Gets Covid

After taking a week off for Thanksgiving, the guys are [...]

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Episode 55: Normalizing Pedophilia, Lord Fauci Digs His Heels In, & Friction Mounts Between Biden and Kamala Camps

Old Dominion professor Dr. Allyn Walker recently released a book [...]

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Episode 53: Virginia Elections Proof a Red Wave is Coming, Leftist Media Outlets Speak Out of Both Sides of Their Mouth, The Eternally Oppressed Colin Kaepernick Equates Playing in NFL to Slavery and Much More

Lots to discuss this week as November 2021 Elections across [...]

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Episode 52: Admission of Fauci Lies, Trump’s New Social Media Platform, Biden Visited the Border 13 Years Ago, They No Longer Care to Hide It, & Cable and Chisum Navigate the Treacherous Waters Known as Youth Sports in the 21st Century

Much to discuss in this one. One takeaway is that [...]

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Episode 51: Covid Vaccines for 5-11 Year Olds? Colleges Propose Eliminating Standardized Testing in the Name of Equity, Today’s Entitled Youth Set Up For Failure, & Chisum’s Theory on Virginia 9th Grader Raped by Trans Girl in School Bathroom

If you thought we're living in dark times, you probably [...]

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