The boys pontificate on a few recent situations in their personal lives before diving into the discussion points of the day. Highlights include:

  • Cable’s better half puts a hole in the wall.
  • What’s the real end game for kids competitive sports in modern society?
  • Chisum’s close call and using that to be a light.
  • Cable’s recent interaction with a transgender individual validates exactly what the boys have said about transgenderism. Live your life, don’t force it on anyone else, which is exactly how this person carried themselves.
  • United Methodist Church completely abandons the gospel, leaves Cable feeling compelled to find an alternative for his family.
  • What is church anyway?
  • Disagreement on whether homosexuality is greater than any other sin.
  • It’s Baseball Season!
  • Trump legal update
  • Fani oh my Fani…

(Chisum’s truck)