This one is a doozy. So much to get into thanks to another hellacious week of idiocy from the far left. From judges ruling that unvaccinated fathers can’t see their kids to MSNBC’s Aimie Terese saying they aren’t your kids at all. Plus, Canadian truckers take up the freedom fight while Trudeau flees the capitol with Covid.

Also a New York professor the latest to normalize pedophilia and Whoopi gets suspended for not understanding the Holocaust. The boys wrap things up by trying to make ends meat of Joe Rogan’s response to the latest controversy where many are calling for his show to be canceled citing ‘misinformation’ regarding covid 19.,for%20more%20than%20160%20years.,the%20Service%20for%20ocelot%20habitat.&text=In%202007%2C%20Frank%20granted%20a,by%201%2C300%20acres%20in%202009.