Episode 87 sheds light on the reality that our elected politicians are a woefully Godless lot. One can connect the dots and realize pretty quickly that leadership void of faith is one that leads to destruction. Pick a religion, all of them at the very least teach of a higher power and subsequently values consistent of being a decent human being. So when you see the Biden Administration offering grants to promote atheism domestically and internationally it can’t help but raise questions.

The boys discuss this interesting development as well as a myriad of other topics including:

  • Cable’s Mexico experience
  • CDC (Center for Disease Control) run chatrooms for minors to visit with adults on topics such as sex, transgender surgery, the occult and how to hide things from their parents (including the chat room itself)
  • Paul Pelosi’s rampant insider trading days before pivotal congressional vote
  • Tennessee judge halts Biden’s pro transgender mandate pertaining to bathrooms and sports
  • Soros Border Contract
  • China and U.S. tension intensifies over Taiwan
  • Biden has covid and cancer – what a dumpster fire!