One thing we’ve learned over the past few years is that nothing is as it appears. The global cabal that seeks to stay in power lied about shots and they’ve lied hand over fist regarding electric vehicles. The boys dive into the insidious underbelly of the electric vehicle lie. Would virtue signaling Tesla owners really drive those vehicles if they knew they were built of the modern day slave labor of miners in the Congo? Do they understand that mining runs off blood, sweat and fossil fuel? How do you dispose of the highly toxic batteries once they die?

The fellas then shift gears to discuss the hot water Jerry Jones recently found himself in based off a photo of him taken in Arkansas at the age of 14. Why did the photo surface after all these years and even more interestingly, why on Thanksgiving when Jerry’s team is front and center on national TV. Lots of behind the scenes theories to ponder on this one. The show wraps up by getting into the recent claims that artificial sweeteners are causing heart issues and why did Deion Sanders leave an HBC for the University of Colorado?

(Artesianal Cobalt Mine in the Congo)