Some days it feels like we’re just banging our heads against the proverbial woke wall. The goal posts keep moving but the target is still our kids. Lots to discuss on a somewhat frustrating but equally therapeutic Episode 119. Topics hit on in this one include:

  • Cable’s new taxidermy addition is his daughter’s living nightmare
  • Chisum’s better half undertakes a new endeavor
  • Columbia Professor John McWhorter sets the record straight on DEI and equity on Bill Maher’s show
  • Castrating Child Rapists
  • The left still after Trump while Biden skates Scot-free
  • ‘Good Parenting’ = mutilating your child according to MN politician
  • DRAG is HOLY
  • San Jose Sharks take Pride Night to new level of idiocy
  • New Texas bill would make drag shows ‘sex acts’ and banned in public