Happy Thursday everyone. Thanks for tuning into Episode 129! Topics discussed on this week’s show include:

  • Cable’s oldest comes to grips with the tooth fairy’s non existence…is Santa next?
  • Vancouver Island bear hunting recap
  • Canadians give Cable 1st hand perspective on their prime minister
  • USWNT gets clobbered by English 4th division side Wrexham FC 12-0 in battle of the sexes
  • Banana Republic : Biden audio vault – how can any leftist support him or the Democratic party at this point?
  • RHINO Republicans throw Adam Schiff a lifeline instead of taking him down
  • California rewriting definition of ‘infertility’ to make sure gay men can get insurance funded surrogates
  • Seattle Judge to Olympus Spa: Have a little side of PENIS with your female only spa experience
  • Biden Admin sticks it to Native Americans