First of all, our prayers go out to those affected by the mass shooting in Maine. We already taped prior to that tragedy unfolding. Mental illness will be addressed on the next show, because that’s what is causing the fall of society more so than any other single factor. On Episode 146 the boys hit on these highpoints among other things:

  • Congress votes in Mike Johnson (Rep. LA) as new Speaker of the House
  • Senator Lindsey Graham makes great point on 1st Amendment while discussing new bi-partisan spending bill for Ukraine and Israel (ironic we know)
  • Italy bans synthetic foods
  • War- you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too
  • What’s real and how do we decipher whether the news is honest or fabricated as technology continues to evolve?
  • One of the boys outs himself as a narcissist
  • Kari Lake announces Senate bid
  • Why are college aged Americans the least likely to actually think for themselves?
  • Cable’s self reflection based off Episode 145’s discussion