If you haven’t watched Matt Walsh’s new documentary What is A Woman? you should certainly put it on your short list. Or, if you don’t have a Daily Wire membership just let the boys fill you in on Episode 81. The much anticipated film delivers a certain level of comedic gold before devolving into the deep, dark abyss that is the transgender pandemic sweeping across America. The title of the film and subsequently the theme within seems to be a question nobody that supports transgender ideology is willing to answer. Justified Pursuit gives it 5 stars.

Also discussed in this episode is the Biden Administration’s plan to take school lunch funding from public schools (K-12th grade!) that refuse to let biological boys use the girl’s bathroom/locker rooms. I.E., we’re going to groom your kids or we won’t feed them.

Dallas hosts a shocking drag queen strip tease for children and Chisum has a come to Jesus meeting with a nasty little feline.