It took about 5 seconds for the left to use the Uvalde tragedy as an opportunity to aggressively pursue tighter gun control measures. The boys reflect on some of the most outlandish comments made over the past few days. It’s sad, funny and infuriating all at the same time when you really think about what these people want to do. One thing is blatantly clear though and that is they all think the Constitution is an outdated piece of parchment paper they’d just assume wipe their collective asses with.

Highlights of Episode 80 Include:

  • Chisum feeling dirty for embracing facial recognition technology
  • Russell Brand the voice of reason
  • Trudeau bans handguns and legalizes cocaine in the same week
  • Biden doubles down on the idea that no Amendment “is absolute”
  • Kamala cracks herself up while discussing tragedy
  • Robert Francis O’Rourke supports full scale gun confiscation from law abiding gun owners
  • Cable reflects on tough conversation with his mother in law who happens to be a 1st grade teacher