Chisum wrapped up the episode with one of his signature one liners, this time though we should all hope he’s right when he says “Everything’s Fine”.  Maybe it’s blind faith or maybe the worm has turned on the left regarding laptops, balloons, trannies and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) ideology.

In episode 114 the boys hit on the following topics:

  • Lia Thomas (the ‘female’ swimmer with dick) exposed himself to female collegiate swimmers in the locker room
  • Idaho Educators tell teachers to hide trans students identity from their parents
  • Whoopi rewrites the CRT script
  • Hunter’s ‘half true’ laptop
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Twitter Execs under fire for censorship of medical info during pandemic
  • China balloon theories
  • Oklahoma trans mob takes over state capital
  • Biden looses the room due to outlandish claims during State of the Union Address