You just can’t make it up. One would think every mentally stable human being would appreciate a film exposing the disgusting underbelly of child sex trafficking and subsequently the pedophiles that engage in such behavior. However, all one has to do is turn on the TV or look at the news to see that is far from reality. The left has labeled a film aimed at protecting children as “Q’Anon Propoganda” or as Rolling Stone Magazine¬†put it “A Superhero film for Dad’s with Brainworms”.¬† The boys discuss the obvious truth, there are way more pedophiles than we ever thought.

Also on the docket for this episode:

  • Global Temp Propaganda claims southern U.S. will be uninhabitable by 2070
  • Chisum’s new found understanding of the Christ’s lineage dating back to the Old Testament (fascinating stuff btw)
  • Biden weaponizes Department of Justice (DOJ) to go after Biden Crime Family whistleblower
  • United Autoworkers Union goes after Biden after he hands big 3 auto manufactures billions to amp up electric vehicle production as part of Inflation Reduction Act
  • Biden Military rejects merit based promotions over race based