The interesting part of doing a show with a very loose run sheet is that sometimes you completely devolve into a topic that wasn’t even a focal point of the episode. That’s exactly what happened on Episode 144 as Cable & Chisum end up discussion women for the majority of the show. Bullet points include:

  • Rangers vs Astros banter
  • Women in leadership roles in the church and in politics
  • Why each sex is created differently but ultimately depend on each other
  • ‘Fire Alarm Brown’ and the subsequent GAZA ACT
  • Sarah Huckabee puts Americans first
  • That bumbling moron of a Vice President takes her word salad skills to the next level
  • French President Macron vows to expel Muslims with potential terrorist ties out of the country. How will this affect their upcoming election and what impact will it have on America soil in the future?
  • Clemson students march in protest of tampon machines being removed from men’s restrooms.
  • Alberta Premier issues heartfelt apology to those unvaccinated citizens that were persecuted during the Covid Pandemic